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Welcome to our exciting beading classes and workshop fun! Workshops are offered in two series, the Fall & Winter Session and the Spring & Summer Session. Please speak with Debi to book your Child's Birthday Party, a Tween Jewellery-Making Bash or one of our famous Girls' Night Out Adults-Only Tea Parties!

Our  2015 Fall brochure  current brochure  is online, with classes that run until Feb 2016.  Remember, you are welcome to sign up right until the class is held, provided that space permits. 

NEW Fall registration begins Saturday Oct 3, 2015.  

Thumbnails of the classes are online now but nothing beats seeing the originals in person - stop by the store soon to see the lovely possibilities awaiting your attention!

Beads of Colour works hard to provide over five dozen original classes in every session - each new season introduces exciting new and original classes, as well as re-introduces favourites by popular demand. From perennial favourites to contemporary new techniques, Beads of Colour is committed to bringing you the best of beadwork classes and materials. To receive your personal notice of new classes, please email Debi@BeadsOfColour.com using "Email List" for your subject line, or "Mailing List" if you wish to provide us with your street address for a hardcopy brochure to be mailed directly to your attention.


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Bead Explore events 7PM-9PM



1 The Pearly Lace Bracelet                        BEG/INT

  Lise Perry               Sat, Oct 10

Lise’s new favourite designer is Ellad. She is excited about sharing this bracelet with others. The fence like grid of pearls is just stunning and wears so well.





2 “Hubble” Along – Sky’s the Limit       NEW            BEG

  Genevieve Habib 

       Wed Oct 28     AM

(NOTE: change from brochure)

“Hubble” will quickly become your most favorite basic stitch ever. It is both strong and lacey. It works up quickly and it makes an excellent foundation piece to build and layer upon. Use it to bezel or ruffle or circle. Sky’s the limit with this stitch.



 Debut.jpg  2.fall-classes-2015-hubble-2g.gif



3 “Hubble” Pie - Heaven’s Chain         NEW             INT

  Genevieve Habib         

Wed Dec 2 (NOTE: change from brochure)

Now that you have mastered the basic Hubble stitch you can turn your attention to learning how to chain the stitch. You’ll love how you can change flat to 3D. Combined with a variety of bead sizes and colours you’ll add dimension and fluidity to your pieces. Make the chain long or short; tie it on the side or in the centre; it’s stunning any way. Your repertoire will be glad for the new variety. This could be your next HEAVENLY Romance.



   Debut.jpg  3.fall-classes-2015-hubble-ch.gif






4 Pearl Knotting                                      ALL


  Debi Keir-Nicholson       Wed, Oct 14               


Make a classic, timeless necklace or a multi-stand bracelet with a knot between each bead. A fun, easy technique that's a classic for use with pearls and stones.







5 Lend Me Your Ear                   NEW         BEG/INT

  Catherine Castellan       Sat, Oct 17

A bend here, a swirl there and you can create a fun piece to adorn your ear or ears, without the commitment of piercing! Learn to make these easy ear wraps and let your wild side out. Just wire wrapping and your imagination. No previous experience needed.








6 Memory Pocket                    NEW          BEG/INT

  Lezlie Winemaker         Sun, Oct 18               EAM

Create a pocket pendant while learning some basic leather skills. The pendant is designed to protect and carry something precious. It will hide a credit card but it could be an affirmation card or even an image of someone or something special.







7 Beads that Bind                    NEW          BEG/INT

  Lezlie Winemaker         Sun, Oct 18               EPM

A wire woven bead that incorporates another love, BEADS! Weaving with wire is a skill worth the practice. Its versatility is endless. Lezlie will teach you the technique while you create this show stopping pendant. Come in, learn and practice with the best.







8 Absolute Beginners Course                            BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson        Wed, Oct 21

Learn about stringing materials, crimps, closures and the right tools you need to get started making jewellery; all while you enjoy creating your first custom piece!







9 Buried Treasure Cuff                                BEG

  Eva Sherman               Sat, Oct 24         10 am-1 pm

If rapid and simple have a place in your jewelry making repertoire, then this class is right up your alley! You will create two funky and organic copper cuffs in class. Charles Lewton-Brain developed fold forming; a series of metal folding techniques which allow rapid development of three dimensional surfaces using simple equipment. We will cover four techniques; line folds, applied textures, cold connections, and applying an antique patina application. All levels are welcome and no metalworking experience is required.






10 Margarita Cuff                                     BEG

  Eva Sherman             Sat, Oct 24            2 pm-5 pm

Make it today, wear it tonight! When using the ”chasing on air” technique there is no support for the metal. Various size dapping tools are used to create the three-dimensional effect. Since this technique is a bit unpredictable, it does create some great free-form designs! Students will learn the “chasing on air” technique while creating one cold connected cuff embellished with crystal margarita or stone beads. All levels are welcome and no metalworking experience is required.




 Debut.jpg  Margarita_Cuff.jpg





11 Basket Weave Cuff                                  BEG

  Eva Sherman               Sun, Oct 25         10 am-1 pm

Wear your cuff home! Weaving wire is a wonderful way to add texture and dimension to any project! Students will learn to create a dramatic cuff by cold connecting a woven wire sheet to a cuff base. All levels are welcome and no metalworking experience is required.











12 The Perfect Storm Cuff                               BEG

  Eva Sherman               Sun, Oct 25          2 pm-5 pm

Learning to create “sheet metal” from wire opens up a whole new world of design possibilities! This technique uses a repetitive looped wire wrap to create a “sheet of metal”. Students will incorporate this unique wire working technique to create a funky and organic cuff with a stunning focal bead. All levels are welcome and no metalworking experience is required.







13 Basic Kumihimo Braid                               BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson           Wed, Oct 28

A trendy technique! You will always have a purpose for a Kumihimo braid. Find out how easy it is to get started and how broad the field really is. As beaders you can always do your own end caps.







14 Capturing the Bug                  NEW             INT  (2 classes)


  Debi Keir-Nicholson

          Wed, Oct 28


                            Sat, Dec 12


Blend metal work and seed bead to create this lovely lady bug broche. Cover a metal disc with circular peyote, increasing at all the right places and using colours to remind you of this winged summer insect.  Finish your creation by cutting, texturing and riveting metal to capture the bug forever.



 Debut.jpg  14.fall-classes-2015-capture-t.gif



15 Hot Forged Bronze Bracelets         NEW             BEG

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Nov 01              AM

It's easy to twist and turn your way to an armful of these beautiful bracelets. Hammering and big torches involved! Tons of fun.







16 Create a Story Pendant              NEW         BEG/INT

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Nov 01              PM

There's nothing more beautiful than the shades of red, orange and purple that come out in copper when it is heated. Learn some exciting new techniques to create flame patina on copper then cut and shape your metal into a hinged piece to frame paper or other precious pieces to tell a story. Let your creative spirit move you in this exciting, exploratory metal class.






17 Wirework 101                                     BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson          Wed, Nov 04

Get started working with wire. Make a simple bracelet linking wire pieces together. Learn about wire gauges (size), soft and hard wire and the tools needed.










18 Iced Ruffle                       NEW              INT

  Jan Martens                  Sat, Nov 07

A bracelet which is composed of a series of tile beads surrounded by a lacy ruffle of delicate seed beads. The design by Nicole Starman will make an awesome gift for that special lady on your list.







19 Focus Freeform Bangle

  (2 classes)                           INT

  Debi Keir-Nicholson            Sun, Nov 08             AM

                              Sat, Nov 14

This bangle blends my newly mastered metal skills with my love of seed bead. The basic metal bracelet was learned from Robyn Cornelius in her studio in Edmonton. It immediately became an obsession, never before have I repeated a design so often. The embellishment is a blending of Right Angle Weave and peyote, by controlling the pattern of increases we form the points and waves

 Debut.jpg  19.fall-classes-focus-freeform.gif



20 Step into Flame                                    BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson            Sun, Nov 08             PM

Step into torch fire enameling. Get over your fear of the torch and play with colour and fire. This technique is perfect for small charms for bracelets, pendants or earrings. We will work on a sampling of techniques and put it together to make a charm bracelet.



 Debut.jpg  20.-step-into-the-flame.gif



21 Peyote 101                                        BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson            Wed, Nov 11

This stitch is the basis for so many beadwork techniques and effects… a versatile basic for every beaders skill set! Your finished piece will look very professional even as a beginner.




22 Bead One-Cap the Wrap             NEW             BEG

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Nov 15            AM

This wrapped bead is a great place to start. Of Lezlie's treasures this is the simplest one to make and will probably become a staple in your piece. You will also make end caps, so you will explore a little metal work.








23 Combining the Elements             NEW         BEG/INT

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Nov 15           EPM

A really new and exciting bracelet created by Lezlie, using custom printed leather. You could be one of the first to incorporate it into a piece of wearable art. This particular design combines a forge piece of metal, some beautiful Swarovski crystals, some of Lezlie’s incredible glass beads and this custom printed leather band. The whole thing is pulled together by wire weaving. Fun, fashionable, avant- garde and funky; who could ask for more.



Debut.jpg   23.fall-classes-2015-comining-.gif



24 Bead Three-Drum Beat              NEW             BEG

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Nov 15             EV

This drum shaped bead has such perfect clean lines and form. It shows off the images on the custom printed leather beautifully.



 Debut.jpg 24.fall-classes-2015.-drum-bea.gif 




25 Right Angle Weave 101                           BEG/INT

  Debi Keir-Nicholson             Wed, Nov 18

Embellish a Right Angle Weave base. This technique is very versatile and can be embellished using beads or chips with stunning results.







26 Ocean Waves                     NEW          BEG/INT

  Catherine Castellan             Sat, Nov 21

All you ocean lovers will want this bracelet. The easy-to-follow graph and a variety of seed beads will bring your creativity to the surface. No matter what colours you choose, you will be pleased with the results. A knowledge of odd count peyote would be helpful.



 Debut.jpg  26.fall-classes-2015-catherine.gif




27 Textured Sampler                  NEW         BEG/INT    (2 classes) 


  Debi Keir-Nicholson             Sun, Nov 22            AM


                              Sat, Nov 28


This dramatic metal cuff with a seed bead band and leather frame will draw complements from all. My new found passion for copper jewellery led me to explore textures. The seed bead band will have both a beginner and advanced options. The metal skills touch on texturing, riveting, punching, torching and forging.


 Debut.jpg  27.fall-classes-2015-textured-.gif




28 Bronze Metal Clay Pendant Plus                      BEG

  Susan Henry               Sun, Nov 22               PM

Learn the basics about metal clay which is a wonderful product allowing you to form your own metal components. We can mould, texture and cut the clay into very cool shapes which are then fired in a kiln to become solid metal. Bronze clay will be moulded to make a beautiful pendant and earrings. In addition to learning how to work with metal clay we will kiln-fire and assemble the components to finish the earrings and pendant.






29 Netting With An Attitude                             BEG

  Susan Braun               Wed, Nov 25

Create this funky, lacy bracelet using a netting stitch and left-over beads in your collection or a choice of beads. A great technique to add to your repertoire.











30 Flower Power Leather Cuff           NEW             BEG

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Nov 29               AM

Create stackable leather components that you cut using the new Jill MacKay dies on the Big Kick and rivet them to a cuff. You will finish the cuff with a snap closure or grommets and ties. You can create or add metal pieces to really bring your design to life.







31 Romantic Bead Embroidery           NEW            BEG

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Nov 29               PM

Create a magnificent ring, pendant or brooch from a vintage button, a flat coin pearl or a glass cabochon. Learn to mount it on backing, embroider around it adding new or vintage beads/crystals. Breathe new life into vintage with romantic, one-of-a-kind hand stitched designs. You can bring your own treasure to frame and beads to complement or purchase these from the instructor


Debut.jpg 31fall-classes-2015-bead-embr.gif 


32 Odd Count Peyote Rope                              BEG

  Debi Keir-Nicholson          Wed, Dec 02

An easy, circular Peyote rope to display focal beads or wear on its own.  The beads you choose affect the size, shape and texture of your finished rope.






33 Everlasting Flower Pendant          NEW              INT

  Lise Perry                  Sat, Dec 05

This delicate pendant by ELLAD reminds me of lace. A knowledge of peyote stitch is a must, I'm sure that you will enjoy.






34 Flame Enamelling                  NEW             INT

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Dec 06               AM

Learn how to create beautiful enamelled filigree beads, headpins and larger metal pieces like flowers using the flame enamelling technique created by Barbara Lewis.






35 The Secret to Raku Enamelling        NEW             INT

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Dec 06              PM1

Do you love the glossy, greeny-copper shimmer of raku ceramics? You'll love learning to go with the flow and layer enamels to achieve amazing results on copper pennies and blanks. Use your creation to make a necklace or rivet them to a bracelet.






36 Exploring New Enamelling Techniques    NEW           INT

  Cindy Goldrick              Sun, Dec 06              PM2

Expand your basic enamelling skills in new directions with millefiori, frit, cattails and by using techniques such as drawing with graphite pencils to create interesting effects. This class is for anyone who has taken a basic enamelling class and wants to stretch their skills in new, exciting creative (Maybe 3 hours at no extra charge.)







37 Open Spiral                                       BEG

  Susan Braun                  Wed, Dec 09

This is a very popular 3D open spiral technique that works up quickly and gives you the opportunity to play with both colour and texture.





38 Bead Two-The Pod                 NEW          BEG/INT  (2 classes) 

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Dec 13            EAM

I am always drawn in by the pod shape. For me it symbolizes all that is to come, a true beginning with a little mystery and magic sprinkled in. This organic shape is a perfect one to make in the custom printed leather. The wire lacing and beads adds elegance and style.






39 Everlasting Love                   NEW          BEG/INT   (2 classes) 

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Dec 13           EPM

This leather heart-shaped pendant will become a collectable, I'm sure. On the front of the 3D heart-shaped pendant you will form a bezel in Lezlie’s custom printed leather to house an art bead. These ground breaking techniques will be easily adapted to other projects.






40 Custom Ripple                    NEW          BEG/INT

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Dec 13             EV

Craft a one of kind bracelet by combining a custom printed leather band with Lezlie's artistic beads. Lezlie will keep you focused on the detail that makes this simple design sing.





41 Beginners Wrap Bracelet            NEW             BEG

  Jacqueline Stirling              Sat, Dec 19

Do you love to use a sewing needle? If so Beginner’s Wrap Bracelet is for you. In this workshop, you will learn a simple sewing technique to secure beads to a leather cord. The focal point is added with a button or bead of your choice. It is a great bracelet to wear or give as a gift.






42 Tubular Net With Pizzazz                         BEG/INT

  Susan Braun                  Wed, Jan 06

This circular Netting stitch is beautiful as a necklace, bracelet or to cover an object. It can look classic or funky depending on your choice of beads.





43 Over the Hills                     NEW          BEG/INT

  Catherine Castellan             Sat, Jan 09

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing and the texture of this bracelet will allow you to create something simple but elegant. No matter what colours you use, the end results will be spectacular.





44 Linking Leather Wrist Band           NEW             INT   (2 classes) 

  Debi Keir-Nicholson             Sun, Jan 10            AM

                              Sat, Jan 16

This bracelet showcases water forming leather and the Ndebele stitch. This classic wrist wrap is easy to wear and will become a favorite. You will learn some simple leather techniques and I will show you a clever linking idea that can be used with other project.






45 Copper Clay Bird House Pendant       NEW             INT

  Susan Henry                   Sun, Jan 10            PM

Take your metal clay skills up a notch by constructing a pendant combining several pieces of Metal Clay to form a “house”. We will cut and texture the components and join them to form a base, walls and roof for our little feathered friend! Design your piece choosing your own style and construction. Decorate using textures, moulds and syringe clay. Once constructed we will kiln fire and finish in class. Discussion on patina options will be held as time permits.



 Debut.jpg  birdhouse.jpg



46 BBC bangles (Beaded Bands of Colour)                 INT

  Debi Keir-Nicholson            Wed, Jan 13

Trust me you can’t make just one, you can’t even wear just one. They are fun fast and colourful. The technique is Huibular Right Angle Weave (H. R.A.W.) and we came up with the name in Huib Peterson’s class. It is not the traditional cubular R.AW.



 Debut.jpg  46._bbc_bangles.JPG


47 Bead Four-Bead Domes             NEW            BEG   (2 classes) 

  Lezlie Winemaker              Sun, Jan 17            EAM

We love our end caps for finishing beaded ropes and capping beads, so double your pleasure. Stitch two formed leather domes together creating a sputnik shape pendant bead. Embellish it with more beads and it's ready to wear.


 Debut.jpg  47.fall-classes-2015-domebead-.gif

48 Sketching with a Saw               NEW          BEG/INT  (2 classes) 

 Lezlie Winemaker               Sun, Jan 17            EPM

You will create this beautiful multimedia bracelet while focusing on the skills of piercing and sawing metal. Lezlie’s silversmith and leather craft skill are at the top of her game in this design. I want one.




 Debut.jpg  48.fall-classes-2015-sketching.gif


49 Adjustable Wrap Ring               NEW         BEG/INT

 Lezlie Winemaker               Sun, Jan 17             EV

I love all Lezlie’s wire wrap designs. This coiled wonder will fit any finger, any day, fantastic! The basket weave technique gives wire the stability and elegance it deserves and it's a technique that can be used in many projects.




50 Breeze Bangle                                  BEG/INT

  Debi Keir-Nicholson             Wed, Jan 20

This bracelet wraps around your wrist because of the staggered placement of the Bricks and Tiles, the new Czechmates. The substantial feel and the architectural feature are what I love best of this amazing Nichole Starman’s design. You will love owning one and wear it and wear it and wear it





51 Bracelet Morena                                    INT

  Lise Perry                     Sat, Jan 23

Lise has an eye for amazing designers and fabulous pieces out in the big world. She has decided to share another of Ellad’s remarkable designs with us. This one mixes Right Angle Weave and peyote. You must know both stitches to take this class.





52 Hilltop Promenade                                 INT

  Jan Martens                   Sun, Jan 24            AM

This elegant bangle by Nichole Starman is a narrow bangle with an intricate bead design.





53 Charming Copper Metal Clay Bracelet                   BEG

  Susan Henry                   Sun, Jan 24            PM

Learn the basics about metal clay which is a wonderful product allowing you to form your own metal components. We can mould, texture and cut the clay into very cool shapes which are then fired in a kiln to become solid metal. We’ll mould copper clay and kiln-fire it, to make the beautiful charms for our bracelet then create chain mail elements to join the charms to form this lovely bracelet.






Subscribe to Deb's Blog. Email her at debi@beadsofcolour.com



54 Vine Of Flowers Bracelet                             BEG

  Susan Braun                   Wed, Jan 27

This beautiful and delicate bracelet is fast, easy and fun!  Grow a “vine of flowers” to encircle your wrist.







55 Bead Loom 101                                    BEG

  Laura Dowling                  Sat, Jan 30

Introduction to Bead Looming. Learn the basics of using a simple bead loom. Once you know the basics, the possibilities are endless. In this class, you will learn how to plan, create and complete a strip of beadwork. I will show you a simple method to turn your strip of beadwork into a bracelet or a bookmark. The beadwork could also be used to make a brooch, decorate a keychain, or embellish a piece of clothing or other accessory.









56 Basket-Weave Stitch - Basic                          BEG

  Genevieve Habib            Sun, Jan 31               AM

This stitch is so elegant and classy, you’ll love it immediately. You’ll also love the 2 hole, ½ Tila’s and/or Super duos that come in a variety of colours you’ll fight over. You can make this 3 row (or more) bracelet in short time. The stitch, once past the first row, flows easily and quickly. Use both types of beads in one piece or not as you choose. One colour or two, it’s up to you. Everything in Basket weave is stunning. It works up quickly and adds dimension and texture to your design.  Contrast the 2 hole beads with 10¢ª, or 11¢ª seed beads or compliment. Basic herringbone is an asset to learning the stitich. You should see the ruffles I made with this stitich. WOW.






57 Basket Weave Stitch Super duo Chain               BEG/INT

  Genevieve Habib            Sun, Jan 31              PM1

Basket weave makes a stunning chain with super duos and size 10, 11 or 8 seed beads in a complimentary or contrasting colours. This chain is classic indulgence and has amazing depth and texture to the look produced. You’ll be proud to have mastered the opening stitch and you’ll be rewarded for your patience by its versatility and style. Add a stunning clasp, to the length of your choice and voila.






58 Wide Ribbon Cuff                                  INT

  Sue Braun                  Wed, Feb 03

Using the classic African ndebele stitch create this dynamic, contemporary cuff with inset accents. A fast and fun cuff with great appeal.