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Welcome to our exciting beading classes and workshop fun! Workshops are offered in two series, the Fall & Winter Session and the Spring & Summer Session. Please speak with Debi to book your Child's Birthday Party, a Tween Jewellery-Making Bash or one of our famous Girls' Night Out Adults-Only Tea Parties!

Our  2014 Spring brochure is online, with classes that run until February 2014.  Remember, you are welcome to sign up right until the class is held, provided that space permits. 

 Registration begins Saturday Feb 22, 2014. Check out our main page for details. Our workshop page is under construction while we update our new classes and images. Enjoy! 

Thumbnails of the classes are online now but nothing beats seeing the originals in person - stop by the store soon to see the lovely possibilities awaiting your attention!

Beads of Colour works hard to provide over five dozen original classes in every session - each new season introduces exciting new and original classes, as well as re-introduces favourites by popular demand. From perennial favourites to contemporary new techniques, Beads of Colour is committed to bringing you the best of beadwork classes and materials. To receive your personal notice of new classes, please email Debi@BeadsOfColour.com using "Email List" for your subject line, or "Mailing List" if you wish to provide us with your street address for a hardcopy brochure to be mailed directly to your attention.


               Wednesday                         9:30AM-11:30AM

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                Sunday AM                9:30AM-11:30AM

                Sunday PM1                        1PM-3PM

                Sunday PM2                        4PM-6PM

          Bead Explore events      7PM-9PM




1      Glass Fusing to Start                   DEBUT                                                      BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker                  Sun. Feb. 23                                            AM

It is always fun to add another skill to your repertoire, this time glass fusing. Have a fun learning designing and creating this interesting glass fused pendant. Knowledge is not heavy.









2      Simple Soldered and Stunning           DEBUT                   BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker                                                Sun. Feb. 23                     PM

For me the simplicity of this perfect cab mount is inspiring. I love learning new skills and Lezlie in an endless fountain of skills she is willing to share. In this project you get to learn how to solder. So many of you have asked me to arrange this class and the stars have finally aligned. Step into the soldering arena and come out with a creative simple solution for displaying a favorite cab. (2workshops)




3      Peyote 101                                                                                  BEG

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Wed. Feb. 26                            AM

This stitch is the basis for so many beadwork techniques and effects… a versatile basic                for every beaders skill set! Your finished piece will look very professional even as a beginner.  









4      Bead Loom 101                        DEBUT                                                       BEG

         Laura Dowling                      Sat. Mar.1                                      AM

Introduction to Bead Looming.  Learn the basics of using a simple bead loom. Once you know the basics, the possibilities are endless. In this class, you will learn how to plan, create and complete a strip of beadwork. I will show you a simple method to turn   your strip of beadwork into a bracelet or a bookmark. The beadwork could also be used to make a brooch, decorate a keychain, or embellish a piece of clothing or other accessory.






5      First Step Into Soutache                DEBUT                            BEG

         Janice Peshke                              Sun. Mar.2                              AM

Make this pendant under Janice’s watchful eye. This technique has infinite possibilities. Often considered an embroidery technique, it adds texture style and I feel a touch of feminine mystic to any design. Basically you are stacking layers of soutache braid together, stitching them around a bead or cab, to create an amazing piece that can be used by itself or to adorn clothing.



 Debut.jpg  Soutache2.jpg




6      Cityscape                                                                                      ADV

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Sun. Mar. 2                             PM

A new piece using dimensional RAW, the "ups and downs" of city life are connected using a variation of Debi's hinges to create a truly unique piece of art. (2workshops)









7      Absolute Beginners Course                                                                            BEG

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                   Wed. Mar. 5                            AM

Learn about stringing materials, crimps, closures and the right tools you need to get started making jewellery; all while you enjoy creating your first custom piece!







8      Le Petit Bouquet Earring                DEBUT                           BEG

         Sue Henry                                        Sat. Mar. 8                            AM

Six little crystal flowers make up this beautiful earring. Using fire polish as the base create these flowers with crystal and seed beads. Use one colour for all the flowers or a variety of colours. Pearls can also be used.


 Debut.jpg  Sh1.JPG






9      Garden Windows                                                                                                INT

         Lise Perry                                        Sun. Mar. 9                                       AM

A beautiful Square Stitch band contains windows of lovely accents, tied together with a focal closure that evokes a daisy blossom. Requires Square Stitch.










10   Shaggy Bangle                                                                                INT

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                       Sun. Mar. 9                          PM

Combine fabulous  bead dangles with square and seed beads for this eye-catching new bangle design! Wirework and beadweaving required.(2workshops)







 11   Right Angle Weave 101                                                                        BEG/INT

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                   Wed. Mar. 12                   AM

Embellish a Right Angle Weave base.  This technique is very versatile and can be embellished using beads or chips with stunning results.








12   Sea Coral Bracelet                     DEBUT                                              BEG/INT

Catherine Castellan   Sat. Mar. 15                            AM

Feel drawn to the sea by this fun, easy-to-assemble beaded bracelet. Use your imagination and create a collection of more than one, as you'll become addicted to the flow and calmness of joining the circles to produce a piece Mother Nature would be proud of



 Debut.jpg  12-Sea-coral-Bracelet-Cathe.jpg






13   Ready…Set… Focus                    DEBUT                                                      BEG            Debut.jpg

         Lezlie Winemaker                                      Sun. Mar. 16                              AM

It takes a plan and focus to create beautiful clasp and links. What Lezlie can do with just a few simple tools and a piece of wire is astonishing. Let her guide you in making some very professional looking links and clasps. Her wire work says handmade with care, love and experience. Yours can too.






14   Let’s Warm Up to Cold Connections   DEBUT                      BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker                                                Sun. Mar. 16                 PM

Now here is how to warm up cold connections and mount one of Lezlie’s unique glass cabs .Such a wearable piece of art. This class will show you a creative way to display the cab, give you tips and tricks on sawing and piercing plus keep you riveted by adding to your riveting skills. Kit cost will be announced just prior to class.(2workshops)







15   Net With An Attitude                                                                BEG

         Sue Braun                                      Wed. Mar. 19                    AM

This bracelet has caused quite a stir in the shop. Create this funky, lacy effect by using a netting stitch and any left over beads in your collection.












16   Name It                                                                                              INT

         Marg Hughes                                   Sat. Mar.22                          AM

I absolutely hate those awful nametags you get at event that say “Hello my name is.” Here is a solution that you will proudly wear forever. Hell these name pins are so beautiful you will want to wear them all the time. I can see writing messages like “Jus






17. Vine Of Flowers Bracelet                                 BEG

Susan Braun                                                     Wed. Mar. 26                           AM

This beautiful and delicate bracelet is fast, easy and fun! Grow a "vine of flowers" to encircle your wrist.













18 Bead Knit Amulet Bag                                 BEG/INT



Barb Linkert                               Sat. Mar. 29                        AM



Basic knitting skills are used to create this classic bead knitted amulet bag. Make your own tiny treasure keeper while learning to knit with beads. Knowledge of knitting absolutely required. Prep work.









19   Wirework 101                                                                              BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson    Wed. Apr. 2                                 AM

Get started working with wire. Make a simple bracelet linking wire pieces together. Learn about wire gauges (size), soft and hard wire and the tools needed.









20   Dimensional Stars Into               ENCORE                                                   INT

         Laura Dowling                           Sat. Apr. 5                                                 AM

These dimensional stars combine right-angle weave, peyote and herringbone stitches and are a good way to use up those left over cylinder beads in your stash. Wear them as a pendant, use them as a component or hang them on your Christmas tree, a truly one of a kind ornament.  Prep work.








21   Jig Magic - Not your Viking Knit       ENCORE                       BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker  time 9-1                                Sun. Apr. 6                      AM

This woven bracelet makes you think about Viking knits, its not. You will make your                     own jig and learn a simple but elegant method for making this sturdy bracelet. Add beads and it becomes a show stopper. Kits will be available. (2 Workshops)







22   Be Charmed with Fusing Fine Silver      DEBUT                 BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker  time 2-6                                  Sun. Apr. 6                    PM

I have always found the fusing of silver a little magical and this project is charming. Put your own twist on Lezlie interpretation of a charm bracelet. Under Lezlie’s experienced eye hone your skills with fine silver while making this creative wrist adornment. I can see several theme pieces in my future. (2 workshops)




 Debut.jpg  22-Be-charmed-with-fusing-f.jpg






23   Spor Adic Cuff (see Apr. 23)                                                               INT/ADV

    Debi Keir-Nicholson                         Wed. Apr. 9                 AM

Make a dramatic cuff that will stop the show and be easy to wear. The base is R. A.W (right angle weave) a variation of the honey bunch cuff, done in vintage plastic, to keep it light, embellished by a variation of Dustin Wedekind cones. (2workshops)






24   Dragonback                                   DEBUT                                                  ALL

Ross Pennie               Sat. Apr. 12                                                  AM

Using anodized aluminum jump rings, participants will make a dazzling bracelet in any one of dozens of potential colour combinations. Rubber jump rings can be substituted for some of the larger aluminum rings for a unique and striking effect.  It is possible to make a stretchy version that needs no clasp. The instructor will  guide you towards a casual, youthful bit of bling, or a piece that is truly sophisticated.




 Debut.jpg  24-Dragon-back-sized-for-th.jpg





25   A Textural Twin Cuff                       DEBUT                  BEG/INT

 Debi Keir-Nicholson       Sun. Apr. 13                        AM

This bangle is a great way to utilize the twin or duo beads. It is also a comfortable way to learn the “step up” used in circular peyote. This technique is a must know for geometric bead work.re.










26   3-D Felted Sculpture                     DEBUT                                                BEG

         Sue Firsker                                Sun. Apr. 13                                PM

Felting is the oldest forms of fabric know in human history and Sue will bring it not only into 2014 but into your kitchen and into the third dimension. The concept that you can sculpt with fleece is alluring. Everyone has artist living inside. Come play learn more about the versatile timeless medium of felting. (2 workshops)









27   Round Maille                         DEBUT                                                          INT

         Ross Pennie                      Wed. Apr. 16                                                          AM

Ross’s enthusiasm for chain maille is contagious. You are going to love the way this experienced teacher guides you through creating this versatile round maille bracelet. This densely woven bracelet actually has three sides making it easier to construct that               it looks. It’s a real classic, I love it.




 Debut.jpg  Round-maile-sized-for-the-w.gif






28   Open Spiral                                                                                    BEG

         Susan Braun                     Sat. Apr. 19                                         AM   

A very popular 3D open spiral technique that works up quickly and gives you the opportunity to play with both colour and texture.







29   Spor Adic Cuff( 2nd half) (see Apr. 9)                              INT/ADV

         Debi Keir-Nicholson  Wed. Apr. 23                     AM










30 Butterfly Clasp                                      DEBUT                           ADV                     Debut.jpg

Lise Perry                                Sat. Apr. 26 AM

Another one of Heather Collins designs that Lise is really excited about is this versatile,beaded snap on clasp. She will guide you through making this stunning piece. It can be used on a flat Peyote cuff or Heather suggests snap the two halves together and turn it into an interesting pendant. You may also create a gorgeous pair of earrings. I do agree absolutely gorgeous.


31 Grid Knotted Wristband DEBUT INT

Lezlie Winemaker Sun. Apr. 27 AM

I love the geometric symmetry of this wristband. With Lezlie’s help learn to tame your threads and make them do exactly what you want. Line up your knots, add a bead and then even create a one of a kind metal closure. You can make it any width you like. You can do a narrow one to start if you don’t want to jump in the deep end right away. (3 Workshops)

Debut.jpg  31-grid-knotted-wristband-f.jpg


32   Wide Ribbon Cuff                                                                                              INT


         Susan Braun                             Wed. Apr. 30                               AM


Use this classic African Ndebele stitch to create this dynamic contemporary cuff with inset accents. A fast and fun cuff with great appeal.



33 Rings on Her Fingers                                  ENCORE                                          BEG/INT

Lezlie Winemaker                                            time 9-1 Sun. May 4 AM

Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes. With just a cabachon and some wire you can create an eligantly simple ring. It is the handwork and the imagination that gives this piece it's charm. The clever way Lezlie has designed the bezel and the ring shank will amaze you. (2worhshops)


34   Caged and Happy                           DEBUT                                          BEG

         Lezlie Winemaker  time 2-6                          Sun. May 4                       PM

Sometimes life should just be fun. This bird cage pendant is just that. So add to your wire working skills, have fun and create an eye catching, fun loving, piece of jewelery that will make you want to sing every time you wear it.(2workshops)


35   Tubular Net With Pizzazz                                               BEG/INT

         Susan Braun                                 Wed. May 7                     AM

This circular Netting stitch is beautiful as a necklace, bracelet or to cover an object. It can look classic or funky depending on your choice of beads.

Debut.jpg 33_tubular_net_with_pizzazz.jpg 

36   Can ’t Stop at One Bangle                                 DEBUT                                              BEG    Debut.jpg

         Sue Henry                                                   Sat. May 10                                        AM

Nobody can stop at just one!  You will want an armful of these lovely bangles. They make up quickly and stack up your arm with a jumble of colours.  Using metal beads and crystal or pearls as a contrast, these right angle weave beauties will become your favorites


37   Spring Scarves                         DEBUT                                                    BEG   Debut.jpg

         Sue Firsker                           Sun. May 11                                PM

Scarves can add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.  A handmade one, for you and by you, puts you in a class of distinction. Sue makes the process easy, truly she does. So if you want to learn the process so you can make others or just want a new scarf join us. Create a unique one of a kind wearable piece of art. (2workshops)


38   Triangles and Squares                                                            BEG

         Susan Braun                           Wed. May 17                      AM

Triangles and squares are quick to create and a joy to wear! An exciting twist on the chevron chain stitch.


39   Pearl Knotting                                                                                       ALL

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Wed. May 21                          AM

Make a classic, timeless necklace or a multi-stand bracelet with a knot between each bead. A fun, easy technique that's a classic for use with pearls and stones.


40  A Pair to Delight                      DEBUT                BEG                                    Debut.jpg

      Debi Keir-Nicholson          Sat. May 24                 AM

I will show you how to easily make a pair of ear rings from two favorite beads. The same skill can be utilized to create one of a kind rings. Finding for both projects will be available. This demo/ workshop will be held in the Bead shop


41  Miniature Masterpieces               DEBUT             ALL          Debut.jpg

      Sandee Ewasiuk                     Sat. May 24          PM2

Join artist Sandee upstairs for a painting demonstration and sale of small works. This will be held in Sandee studio space on the top floor. Special Time 3:30-5:30


42  Tea Pairing                              DEBUT                                    ALL            Debut.jpg

      Joanne Schouten               Sun. May 25                AM

Not only stir your creativity but awaken your taste buds with the samples of 4 different teas complimented with 4 chocolate samples and a short discussion of how   they interact with one and other. This will be held in her shop off the parking lot.


43                 Hinged Ndebele                                                                                   INT

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Wed. May 28                              AM

This bracelet maked from plastic loops and connected with Ndebele makes a simply elegant yet funky statement. bead embellishments make  it sings loud and clear. This is a fun piece to wear and even more fun to create. Ndebele Stitch is an must.


44   Satellite Beads                        DEBUT                                  INT                             Debut.jpg

  Lise Perry                                                         Sat. May 31                                             AM

This design by Heather Collins is just one of her designs that Lise has fallen in love with. These beautiful little Right Angle Weave beaded slider beads are quick and easy. I can see them strung by themselves or make them in all the colors of the rainbow. Also use them as spacers in your work.  Of course, two of these beauties will make earrings



45   Ndebele Gone Wild                                                      INT/ADV


         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Sun. June 1                        AM


Stretch your imagination by combining a variety of beads for a textured Ndebele weave, then up the ante by popping in complimentary focal beads.  A wild new ride!  Ndebele stitch required












46   Step into Flame                                                                                  BEG


         Debi Keir-Nicholson                Sun. June 1                                 PM


Step into torch fire enameling. Get over your fear of the torch and play with colour and fire. This technique is perfect for small charms for bracelets, pendants or earrings.We will work on a sampling of techniques and put it together to make a charm bracelet. (2 workshops)




47   Beaded Hinges                                                                                      INT

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Wed. June 4                                AM

Debi designed this nifty template to help even the seasoned beader replicate beaded beads. No more counting, sizing and comparing! Create multiples of the same beaded bead even years later.  Peyote required. Prep work





48   Hedgehog Bracelet                       ENCORE                               BEG

         Catherine Castellan                     Sat. June 7                               AM

Normally elegant and fun are not two words easily used together. This bracelet is both elegant and fun. Wearing it is pure joy. Making it is much easier than it looks. Must know peyote




49   Soul Ramblings Etched                     ENCORE                     BEG

         Debi Keir-Nicholson  time 9-1       Sun. June 8                         AM

I was introduced to "Zentangles" several years ago and it brought back fond memories of doodling for hours. I have combined my doodles, "Zentangles" and etching knowledge to create metal pieces that can be assembled into a bracelet, earrings or pendants. Immortalize you "soul ramblings".(2 workshops)




50   Table top Carpets                         DEBUT                                                  BEG

         Sue Firsker  time2-6                Sun. June 8                                  PM

I remember my first Christmas with David, I bought a braided rug as a table covering, and my family thought I was crazy. So join Sue in the pages of history and create a table top carpet using the traditional methods from Turkey. Live history how cool is that. (2 workshops)




51   Counter Balance Link Chain                                                                          BEG

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                     Wed. June 11                      AM

Learn the link that charmed us all!  A light and airy alternative to heavier, closed linkages, this link needs only the most basic wirework skills.




52   It is Funky to be Square                   DEBUT                  INT/ADV

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                     Sat. June 14                  AM

I am still not finished with belt loops or my vintage plastic beads. Here is a bracelet that is both  fun to make and fun to wear. Wearing a wrist full is an option with these light-weight gems. Of course it can be done in Swarovski pearls or crystal, metal beads or even round gem stone for a more classic look.




53   Purely Pewter                              ENCORE                                               ALL

         Lezlie Winemaker                    Sun. June 15                          PM

Lezlie will lead you throug the processs involved in mold-making, smelting and pouring your own custom pewter elements. Kits will be available at class time(3 workshops).




54   Double Dutch                                                                                        INT

         Debi Keir-Nicholson                 Wed. June 18                         AM

Love your Dutch Spiral?  Double the delight in this exciting variation with TWO rotating spirals!  Dutch Spiral required.




55  Icos Pendant                       DEBUT                   ADV

      Jean Power                          Fri. June 20             ALL DAY

Big & bold or subtle and sparkly- learn how to bead an advanced, eye-catching geometric pendant to suit your own tastes




56  Orbit Beaded Beads and Rope          DEBUT         ADV

      Jean Power                               Sat. June 21         ALL DAY

Love the look of Soft-touch/ Luna Light/ Polaris resin cabochons (or any other 24mm cab) and want to use more of them? These reversible beaded beads are just perfect




57  Peacock Drops                         DEBUT                                  ADV

      Jean Power                           Sun. June 22        ALL DAY

Want to add sparkle to advanced beadwork? Want to create jewellery components which can be used in different ways? This advanced class which combines peyote, brick and herringbone stitches gives you all of that and more. The class will cover the main necklace which can be worn two different ways as well as how you can vary the components and mix and match them to create different pieces of jewellery such as other necklaces and bracelets.



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