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Welcome to our exciting beading classes and workshop fun! Workshops are offered in two series, the Fall & Winter Session and the Spring & Summer Session. Please speak with Debi to book your Child's Birthday Party, a Tween Jewellery-Making Bash or one of our famous Girls' Night Out Adults-Only Tea Parties!

Our  Current_Brochure   is online, with classes that run until May 2016.  Remember, you are welcome to sign up right until the class is held, provided that space permits. 

NEW FALL registration begins Saturday OCTOBER 1, 2016.  ( Details to come )

Thumbnails of the classes are online now but nothing beats seeing the originals in person - stop by the store soon to see the lovely possibilities awaiting your attention!

Beads of Colour works hard to provide over five dozen original classes in every session - each new season introduces exciting new and original classes, as well as re-introduces favourites by popular demand. From perennial favourites to contemporary new techniques, Beads of Colour is committed to bringing you the best of beadwork classes and materials. To receive your personal notice of new classes, please email Debi@BeadsOfColour.com using "Email List" for your subject line, or "Mailing List" if you wish to provide us with your street address for a hardcopy brochure to be mailed directly to your attention.


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Sunday EV 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Bead Explore events 7PM-9PM



1 Vine Of Flowers Bracelet                                BEG

 Susan Braun                                 Wed, Mar 02 am

This beautiful and delicate bracelet is fast, easy and fun!  Grow a “vine of flowers” to encircle your wrist.







2 Netting With An Attitude                                BEG

 Susan Braun                                    Sat, Mar 05 am

 Create this funky, lacy bracelet using a netting stitch and left-over beads in your collection or a choice of beads. A great technique to add to your repertoire.







3 Advanced Fold Forming                                  ALL

 Cindy Goldrick                               Sun, Mar 06 am

If you've mastered basic line folds and want to create some more complicated shapes then this is the class for you. Learn how to create a Rueger fold and/or this star-shaped piece that can be adapted to a variety of uses.





   Debut.jpg  3advanced-fold-folrming-web.gif






4 Design a Charming Cigar Box Purse    NEW        ADV


 Cindy Goldrick                               Sun, Mar 06 pm


                                                          Sat, Mar 19 am


In this two-part class, you will learn create a hand bag made from a cigar box. The first four hour session will be devoted to finding your inspiration and planning which techniques you will use to carry out your design. Cindy uses everything bead embroidery, fold forming, felting, needlework and painting to express her vision. The second session will cover finishing techniques including many options for handles, interiors and embellishments. This is an advanced class for anyone interested in exploring their creative side to design a one-of-a-kind conversation piece you'll be proud to carry or display. (3 workshops)






 Debut.jpg  4-design-a-cigaar-box-purse.gif




5 Knotting Pearls                                                  ALL

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                     Wed, Mar 09 am

Make a classic, timeless necklace or a multi-strand bracelet with knots between each bead. It is a fun and easy technique to use with pearls or large beads.









6 Mushroom Dome Earrings        NEW                  BEG

 Lezlie Winemaker                                Sun, Mar 13 am

Make these fabulous dome shaped earrings as an introduction to Wet Forming with Lezlie’s custom leather. Although introduced as earrings these caps would make fabulous bead caps or ends on a beaded cord bracelet or necklace. Turn them upside down and they could be added to a ring. Add a little imagination and the possibilities are endless.








7         3-D Image Ink Art Bracelet         NEW                  BEG

 Lezlie Winemaker                                 Sun, Mar 13 pm

Breathe life into the dream like images of Lezlie’s custom printed leather. Let Lezlie show you some of the more traditional leather tooling techniques and pull your custom images through the rabbit hole and into reality. The bracelet will be noticed as an incredible piece of art and combination never done before. (2 workshops)








8 Absolute Beginners Course                                   BEG

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                            Wed, Mar 16 am

Learn about stringing materials, crimps, closures and the right tools you need to get started making jewellery; all while you enjoy creating your first custom piece!








9 Hunter’s Pendant                NEW                            INT

 Pauline Peskoff                  Sun, Mar 20 am

Create this incredibly soft looking pendant with upcycled fur. Use bead embroidery to bezel a cabochon and add an elegant layer of fur to soften the look.








10 "Egyptian pyramids” Bracelet       NEW              ALL

 Pauline Peskoff                                    Sun, Mar 20 pm1

Create an elegant bracelet with a 3D feel using the newly popular two-hole Tango and Czechmate Triangle beads. The design is very versatile; you can use any combination of colours. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, as party attire or a gift!





 Debut.jpg  10-egyptioan-pyramids-brace.gif





11 Lantern Earring              NEW                                 ADV


 Pauline Peskoff                                       Sun, Mar 20 pm2


Create these wonderful lantern-shaped earrings using a variety of stitches (CRAW, square, ladder). You will learn how the shape and size of beads help define structural beadwork and how to choose the right stitch for a particular architectural purpose. The project uses mostly the tiniest bead (size 15 rounds and charlottes), so thin beading needles and Fireline are a must.  (Class may run over)













12 Right Angle Weave 101                                   BEG/INT

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                               Wed, Mar 23 am

Embellish a Right Angle Weave base. This technique is very versatile and can be embellished using beads or chips with stunning results.








13 Butterfly Clasp                                                         ADV

 Lise Perry                                                   Sat, Mar 26 am

Another one of Heather Collins designs that Lise is really excited about is this versatile, beaded snap on clasp. She will guide you through making this stunning piece. It can be used on a flat Peyote cuff or Heather suggests snap the two halves together and turn it into an interesting pendant. You may also create a gorgeous pair of earrings. I do agree absolutely gorgeous.








14 Times Square Bracelet                                            ADV


 Debi Keir-Nicholson                               Wed, Mar 30 am


                                                                    Wed, Apr 06 am


Turn your work inside out by placing the frame in the middle! An exciting peyote project with an unexpected twist giving new dimension to this sculptural piece. Peyote with increase and step-up required


(2 workshops)






 Debut.jpg  14-Times-Square-Braclet-web.gif


15 Russian Stars                 NEW                                    INT

 Catherine Castellan                                   Sat, Apr 02 am

Size doesn't mattter! Use large beads or small, as with all stars near or far it's the sparkle we see. Use multiple colours or just one, all you need to have is a knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave(CRAW). The sky's the limit




16 Organically Adorned                                          BEG

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                           Sun, Apr 03 am

I learned this fold forming technique from Eva Sherman.  It is also described  in Charles Lewton- Brain’s book “Foldforming”. I have riveted a texture piece of metal to a readymade leather bracelet allowing the focus to be on creating the new fold.


 Debut.jpg  16.organicly-adorned-debi-web-.gif





17 Step into Flame                                                 BEG

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                           Sun, Apr 03 pm

Step into torch fire enameling. Get over your fear of the torch and play with colour and fire. This technique is perfect for small charms for bracelets, pendants or earrings. We will work on a sampling of techniques and put it together to make a charm bracelet. (2 workshops)











18 Guinevere Cuff                                                    INT

 Lise Perry                                             Sat, Apr 09 am

Lise fell in love with Heather Collin’s Guinevere Cuff and really it is no surprise. The Cubic Right Angle Weave looks both elegant and organic. This a must own bracelet. I‘m just not sure in how many colours you will want it in. You have to try it, it’s not as time-consuming as it looks. You must be comfortable with Right Angle








19 Peyote 101                                                        BEG

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                          Sun, Apr 10 am

This stitch is the basis for so many beadwork techniques and effects… a versatile basic for every beaders skill set! Your finished piece will look very professional even as a beginner.


 Debut.jpg  19..Peyote-Bracelet-1websize2.jpg



20 Metal Clay Button Bracelet                     BEG/INT

 Susan Henry                                        Sun, Apr 10 pm

Finally, a metal clay that can be fired quickly! Introducing this new clay formulation  that will allow us to create and fire our pieces in the same day. Using a variety of charming vintage button moulds to make the bracelet components and while our pieces are in the kiln we will make chain mail components to assemble for our bracelet.




 Debut.jpg  20.fall-classes-2015-copper-cl.1.gif



21 Focus Freeform Bangle                                      INT

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                         Wed, Apr 13 am

                                                             Wed, Apr 27 am

This bangle blends my newly mastered metal skills with my love of seed bead. The basic metal bracelet was learned from Robyn Cornelius in her studio in Edmonton. It immediately became an obsession, never before have had I repeated a design so often. The embellishment is a blending of Right Angle Weave and peyote, by controlling the pattern of increases we form the points and waves. (2 workshops)





22 Easy Mixed Media Soldering        NEW          ALL

 Cindy Goldrick                                      Sat, Apr 16 am

Create a unique work of art to hang on your wall, or a series of pendants, in under two hours using materials you can find in the hardware store! We will use fire/torches, plumbers solder, rubber stamps and inks as we explore the concepts of repetition, background and colour. So much fun!









23 Leather Collage Earrings          NEW               BEG

 Lezlie Winemaker                               Sun, Apr 17 am

Make these stunning earrings by folding, cutting, layering and dying Lezlie’s custom printed leather. The images are unique making your earrings one of a kind. The wire wrap is simple making this project perfect for an absolute beginner. Of course you have to be willing to be noticed.





Debut.jpg   23collage-earringgs-web.gif



24 Bead the Wrap                             NEW             BEG

 Lezlie Winemaker                               Sun, Apr 17 pm

Practice with wire breeds familiarity and this piece will give you practice. Add beads to the wire and not only do they pull you along, you have another stunning bracelet for all your learning. (2 workshops)





 Debut.jpg  24-bead-the-wrap-web.gif




25 Tubular Net With Pizzazz                          BEG/INT

 Susan Braun                                      Wed, Apr 20 am

This circular Netting stitch is beautiful as a necklace, bracelet or to cover an object. It can look classic or funky depending on your choice of beads.











26 Dimensional Stars Revised       NEW                  INT


 Laura Dowling                                        Sat, Apr 23 am


These 3-D stars are created using a combination of peyote and herringbone stiches and work up fairly quickly as they are open and hollow. They make a unique necklace when strung on a cord with separator beads or can be hung as ornaments. This revised pattern works up faster than the original pattern as there is no MRAW quide ring needed.





 Debut.jpg  26-dimensional-stars-3_edit.jpg




27 "Square Lake” Bracelet          NEW                     INT


 Pauline Peskoff                                     Sun, Apr 24 am


Learn how to bezel a Swarovski Cabochon with peyote stitch. Create a sparkling and stunning centerpiece for the bracelet. You will also learn to alter the herringbone stitch using seed beads that differ in size and shape.





 Debut.jpg  27.gif




28 "Bird of Paradise” Pendant        NEW                 INT


 Pauline Peskoff                                       Sun, Apr 24 pm

Create this magnificent  pendant in the shape of a bird sitting on a golden hoop, using a variety of two-hole and classic shaped seed beads. You will further your understanding of using imagery in beadwork, how to choose beading stitches and materials for a specific goal. The pendant is a head-turner, original and intricate.( 2 workshop









29 Create a Story Pendant        NEW               BEG/INT


 Cindy Goldrick                                      Sun, May 01 am


There's nothing more beautiful than the shades of red, orange and purple that come out in copper when it is heated. Learn some exciting new techniques to create flame patina on copper then cut and shape your metal into a hinged piece to frame paper or other precious pieces to tell a story. Let your creative spirit move you in this exciting, exploratory metal class














30 Exploring New Enamelling Techniques         INT

 Cindy Goldrick                                Sun, May 01 pm1

Expand your basic enamelling skills in new directions with the addition of such things as millefiori, frit, cattails and by using techniques such as drawing with graphite pencils to create interesting effects. This class is for anyone who has taken a basic enamelling class and wants to stretch their skills in new, exciting and creative ways.










31 The Secret to Raku Enamelling                       INT

 Cindy Goldrick                                Sun, May 01 pm2

Do you love the glossy, greeny-copper shimmer of raku ceramics? You'll love learning to go with the flow and layer enamels to achieve amazing results on copper pennies and blanks. Use your creation to make a necklace or rivet them to a bracelet.



Debut.jpg  31.fall-classes-2015-raku-enam.1.gif


32 Peyote Bangle                                                   INT

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                       Wed, May 04 am

Create a wide Peyote bangle that can be embellished many ways and worn proudly. Large cylinder beads are used in the class but technique can easily be adapted for smaller ones. Peyote and step up required.







33 Ocean Waves                                            BEG/INT

 Catherine Castellan                          Sat, May 07 am

All you ocean lovers will want this bracelet. The easy-to-follow graph and a variety of seed beads will bring your creativity to the surface. No matter what colours you choose, you will be pleased with the results. A knowledge of odd count peyote would be helpful.







34 Linking Leather Wrist Band                             INT

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                        Wed, May 11 am

                                                            Wed, May 18 am

                                                            Wed, May 25 am

This bracelet showcases water forming leather and the Ndebele stitch. This classic wrist wrap is easy to wear and will become a favorite. You will learn some simple leather techniques and I will show you a clever linking idea that can be used with other project. (2 workshops)







35 The Pearly Lace Bracelet                           BEG/INT

 Lise Perry                                             Sat, May 14 am

Lise’s new favourite designer is Ellad. She is excited about sharing it with others. This fence like grid of pearls is just stunning and wears so well.




 SEE BELOW FOR MAY 15, 2016 CLASSES (out of sequence)




36 Wide Ribbon Cuff                                               INT

 Susan Braun                                        Sat, May 21 am

Use this classic African Ndebele stitch to create this dynamic contemporary cuff with inset accents. A fast and fun cuff with great appeal.










37 Ring Riot Easy Soldered Stackable                  BEG

 Cindy Goldrick                                    Sat, May 28 am

Warning these rings are addictive to make and wear! This no-fail, no-fear soldering technique will have everyone creating a small stack of rings right away. Personalize the rings by adorning them with lovely charms. They make up so quickly you will make at least three rings in class and likely more. (2 Workshops)





38 Dutch Spiral                                                       BEG

 Debi Keir-Nicholson                         Sun, May 29 am

This closed spiral can be used for bracelets, necklaces, purse straps or be embellished. It takes time to do but the effect is a classic chain that is simple and timeless.









39 Copper Clay Bird House Pendant                  BEG

 Susan Henry                                     Sun, May 29 pm

 Take your metal clay skills up a notch by constructing a pendant combining several pieces of Metal Clay to form a “house”. We will cut and texture the components and join them to form a base, walls and roof for our little feathered friend! Design your piece choosing your own style and construction. Decorate using textures, moulds and syringe clay. Once constructed we will kiln fire and finish in class. Discussion on patina options will be held as time permits. (2 workshops)






40. Body Art Necklace      BEGDebut.jpg

Sunday May 15, 2016 AM

Lezlie Winemaker


Be dramatic and live outside the box with this reversible necklace. This printed leather can be a canvas for your own experssion. Of course seedbead people could add a beaded piece across the front






41. Buckle a Bezel Bracelet 

Lezlie Winemaker

Sunday May 15, 2016  PM

Create a buckle like structure and attch it to a custom printed leather bracelet. Now here is technique you can really expand upon. You could try it with semi-precious stone, beach glass or even found objects. Lezlie will also tech som eleather tooling skills to really make the images come alive.

































































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