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Welcome to our exciting beading classes and workshop fun! Workshops are offered in two series, the Fall & Winter Session and the Spring & Summer Session. Please speak with Debi to book your Child's Birthday Party, a Tween Jewellery-Making Bash or one of our famous Girls' Night Out Adults-Only Tea Parties!

Our  Current_Brochure is online, with classes that run until Jan 31, 2018.  Remember, you are welcome to sign up right until the class is held, provided that space permits. 

NEW Fall registration begins Saturday September 23, 2017.  Please note date revisions in red (between Sept 1 and Sept 15)

Thumbnails of the classes are online now but nothing beats seeing the originals in person - stop by the store soon to see the lovely possibilities awaiting your attention!

Beads of Colour works hard to provide over five dozen original classes in every session - each new season introduces exciting new and original classes, as well as re-introduces favourites by popular demand. From perennial favourites to contemporary new techniques, Beads of Colour is committed to bringing you the best of beadwork classes and materials. To receive your personal notice of new classes, please email Debi@BeadsOfColour.com using "Email List" for your subject line, or "Mailing List" if you wish to provide us with your street address for a hardcopy brochure to be mailed directly to your attention.

Points of interest Fall 2017

I have decided to step off the treadmill and reconnect with why I have opened this shop 20 years ago. It brought together all the things I love, learning, beading and creating. Most of all, I wanted to find my tribe. I wanted to connect with people who were creative and adventurous. I have met them here now I just want an opportunity be with them.  I am scheduling four play days. I love to experiment and I have discovered the more I do the more my beadwork becomes my own unique style. I would like to share my approach with others.  I will introduce the medium and the group will decide where to take it. In other words they will be technique based sessions, not product based. No written instruction will be provided so bring note books if you think you may want to map the journey. My hopes are that it will just be fun and allow us to take ourselves less seriously.

Another way I am going to reconnect with people is by renting space in the studio. I am opening up 8 spots for a reduced rate in return for scheduling 6 hours a month for 6 months. People who wish to have a space to work have the opportunity to rent a spot in the metal shop. Normally the rate for studio space with use of larger tools (bring your own hand tools) would be between $15 and $18 an hour. I am offering it at $5 and $6 an hour. You will need to book two three-hour slots a month with rent due at the 1st of the month. The Saturday slots are $6 and weekday $5. Only two people will be booked at any one time.

I am also implementing "Back to Basics Wednesdays". I will be teaching only the basic courses on Wednesday mornings. The reason for this is twofold: one- to attract new beaders and the other is to look at my own work with a minimalistic eye. So if you have taken the course before, know the technique and wish to reconnect with it. We will experiment with it in class and I will offer you the opportunity to take the class at half price. Again my hope is to expand on the intuitive aspect of creative work and break out of the box which allows us to be more authentic in our work. 


Wednesday 9:30AM-11:30AM
Saturday 9:30AM-1130AM
Sunday AM  9:30AM-11:30AM
Sunday PM1 1PM-3PM
Sunday PM2 4PM-6PM
Sunday EAM  9:30AM - 1:30PM
Sunday EPM 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Sunday EV 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Bead Explore events 7PM-9PM



Wednesday 9:30AM-11:30AM
Saturday 9:30AM-1130AM
Sunday AM  9:30AM-11:30AM
Sunday PM1 1PM-3PM
Sunday PM2 4PM-6PM
Sunday EAM  9:30AM - 1:30PM
Sunday EPM 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Sunday EV 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Bead Explore events 7PM-9PM




Peyote 101 BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wednesday, October 04, 2017 am


This stitch is the basis for so many beadwork techniques and effects, a versatile basic for every beaders skill set! Your finished piece will look very professional even as a beginner.


2 Vine Of Flowers Bracelet BEG

Susan Braun   Sat, Oct 07 am


This beautiful and delicate bracelet is fast, easy and fun! Grow a "vine of flowers" to encircle your wrist.


3 Bead loom 101 BEG

Laura Dowling   Wed, Oct 11 am


Learn the basics of using a simple bead loom. In this class, you will learn how to plan, create and complete a strip of beadwork. I will show you a simple method to turn your strip of beadwork into a bracelet or a bookmark. The beadwork could also be used to make a brooch, decorate a keychain, or embellish a piece of clothing or other accessory.


4 Paradoxe Bracelet ALL

Lise Perry   Sat, Oct 14 am


I love this bracelet, the way it moves, how easy it is to wear and the colour play. If that is not enough it can be done with lentils, crescent and triangle beads, what fun. Of course it easily expands to a necklace or even lariat.( A Trendsetter Creation),


5 Paint on Fabric with Sunlight ALL

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Oct 18 am


Play Date

What a glorious way to begin our play dates. This process is magical. Bring along some objects to play with; feathers, filigree metal pieces, loose weave fabrics or solid objects with interesting shapes. Don't worry if it is a cloudy day we can make our own sunshine with ultraviolet light. (Studio fee applies)


6 Bugle & Seed Bead Bracelet ALL

Susan Braun   Sat, Oct 21 am


A very delicate looking bracelet and a great way to use bugles. This charming weave is fun for all - including beginners!


7 Wire Weave 101 BEG

Nancy Freckleton   Sun, Oct 22 am


Wire weaving is easier than it looks. It is actually a lot of fun and can be used to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. You'll learn 3 basic wire weaves in this class (soumak, double and triple weave). Use one or combine all three to create a custom bracelet.


8 Fold Formed Copper Cuff BEG/INT

Nancy Freckleton   Sun, Oct 22 pm


Create this exciting copper cuff you will wear with pride, using basic line folds, texturizing techniques and patina. You will learn how to patina with liver of sulfur.


9 Netting With An Attitude BEG

Susan Braun   Wed, Oct 25 am


Create this funky, lacy bracelet using a netting stitch and left-over beads in your collection or a choice of beads. A great technique to add to your repertoire.


10 Where are my Glasses INT

Laura Dowling   Sat, DEC 2am



Make this very attractive alternative to the ever practical eyeglass chain. Using a combination of peyote and brick stitches, it works up relatively quickly as it is only 3 beads wide at its widest point.


11 Colour Me Happy ALL

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Oct 29 ALL DAY



Pre felted fibre comes in a multitude of colours. Using the Bigkick we can cut these amazing bits of happiness and construct fun brooches, bracelets or necklaces. Add even more colour by embellishing your creation with a few easily learned stitches and make your project sing. It can be done in any colour combination so they could be more subdued if you want. (2 Workshops)


12 Ndebele 101 BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Nov 01 am


An African stitch that has become the basis for many wonderful variations and presentations. This class is an easy introduction to this beautiful stitch.


13 Open Spiral BEG

Susan Braun   Sat, Nov 04 am


This is a very popular 3D open spiral technique that works up quickly and gives you the opportunity to play with both colour and texture.


14 Viking Knit Choker BEG

Cindy Goldrick   Sun, Nov 05 am


Learn the ancient art of Viking knitting with wire using an updated Lazee Daizee tool. Create a bracelet or chain to showcase a bead or even earrings


15 Etched Vintage-look Pendant BEG

Cindy Goldrick   Sun, Nov 05 pm


Create this beautiful pendant that includes vintage elements. You will learn the basics of etching on metal using rubber stamps and how to build on your basic etched design to create a pleasing pendant youll enjoy wearing or be proud to give as a gift.


16 Right Angle Weave 101 BEG/INT

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Nov 08 am


Embellish a Right Angle Weave base. This technique is very versatile and can be embellished using beads or chips with stunning results


17 Mono Printing BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Jan 14 ALL DAY


Play Date

This technique has become on of my favourite pastime this year. It is so much fun time just melts away. Come and find out how easy it is to use a Gelli printing plate to create on off prints. Enjoy the freedom and explore manipulating the paint to create truly unique art work. I will have acrylic and inks to play with. Bring stencils textures, open weave fabrics, feathers.(Studio fee applies)


18 Wirework 101 BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Nov 15 am


Get started working with wire. Make a simple bracelet linking pieces together. Learn about wire gauges (size), soft and hard wire and the tools needed.


19 The Pearly Lace Bracelet BEG/INT

Lise Perry   Sat, Nov 18 am



Lises new favourite designer is Ellad. She is excited about sharing it with others. This fence like grid of pearls is just stunning and wears so well.


20 Nuno Felted and Embellished Cuff BEG

Cindy Goldrick   Sun, Nov 19 am


This all-day class is jam-packed with opportunity to learn new skills and stretch your creative muscles! We begin by learning how to nuno felt a base for a cuff using wool roving and silk organza. Then we will enhance your felted base with thread, beads, charms and other materials. Finally we will mount the cuff on leather or Ultrasuede and finish it with snaps. (2 workshops)


21 Dustin Wedekind's Cones INT

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Nov 22 am


Learn the basic cone while creating this sculptural pendant and bale. The felted insert can be learned in the Whirling Wheels of felt bracelet class. This class is two classes because I have used 15? and 11? Japanese seeds. 22 Garlic Knot Necklace INT


22 Garlic Knot Necklace INT

Laura Dowling   Sat, Nov 25 am


Create this stunning Garlic Knot Necklace by stringing Garlic Knot Beaded Beads with separator beads on a leather cord. The unique Garlic Knot beaded bead is a sculptural, spiral, beaded bead worked without an armature. Knowledge of tubular peyote and the ability to pull your thread taut throughout your work is needed to complete this project [designed by Marcia Katz].


23 Wired for Drama BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Nov 26 am



Making these fun brooches is easy. The concept is simple... look dramatic. You will want to make a dozen different sizes and colours.


24 Wire Weaving a Pendant INT

Nancy Freckleton   Sun, Nov 26 pm


Learn how to frame a focal bead to use as a pendant, pin or in a bracelet using the wire weaving skills you learned in Wire Weaving 101. Ok, it takes a little more time but well worth it!


25 Absolute Beginners Course BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Nov 29 am


Learn about stringing materials, crimps, closures and the right tools you need to get started making jewellery; all while you enjoy creating your first custom piece!


26 Wide Ribbon Cuff INT

Susan Braun   Sat, Oct 28 am


Use this classic African Ndebele stitch to create this dynamic contemporaty cuff with inset accents. A fast and fun cuff with great appeal. 27 Let's Add Fibre ALL


27 Let's Add Fibre ALL

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Dec 03 ALL DAY



I love the way fibre, wool string and ribbon add texture to a piece. The addition of colour can validate a project. Recently I found a few hand weaving and tassel making techniques that have fit quickly and effortlessly into my work. I am hoping to share and explore this new found love. My intention is that everyone participating in this play day will make at least a set of six weaving sticks, maybe even a card weaving deck.


28 Pearl Knotting ALL

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Dec 06 am


Make a classic, timeless necklace or a multi-stand bracelet with a knot between each bead. A fun, easy technique that's a classic for use with pearls and stones.


29 Chrysanthemum ALL

Lise Perry   Sat, Dec 09 am


These wonderfully designed flowers can be combined to create a romantic bracelet or just do two for earrings. They can be done to add to bead embroidery or as a clasp on a simple beaded bracelet. (A Trendsetter Creation)


30 Sizzix Easy Jewelry BEG

Cindy Goldrick   Sun, Dec 10 am


Create hot, new leather cuffs with the Sizzix dies. Sizzix has created a line of leather cutting dies that allow you to create perfect cuffs, and fun cut-outs that couple with glue, crystals, beads, metal blanks, cording and rivets, will have you making professionallooking leather cuffs, earrings and pendants in no time! You should be able to complete 2 3 projects in class. (Studio fee applies)


31 Viking Knit with Leather INT

Cindy Goldrick   Sun, Dec 10 pm


Using Lazee Daizee Viking knit tool, you can knit with smooth and supple leather. These bracelets knit up even faster than wire and look great on ladies and guys! Learn the trick to successful joining lengths of leather, and how to finish your knitting with end caps and other embellishments.


32 The Art of the Crayon BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Jan 03 ALL DAY


Play Date

We all have experience with crayon and it is that experience we will build on. I am guessing it is because we played with crayon at such a young age that it is so easy to allow yourself to play freely once again. It is hard to take yourself serious while drawing with crayon. I have absolutely loved the results. I will be prepared to work with it on metal, (water soluble) and melted and as a base for batik. I also use it with my Gelli plate so I will bring it back as well. (Studio fee applies)


33 Torch Fire Enamel BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Jan 07 ALL DAY


Play Date

For those of you how have already taken classes in this medium I will have stations set up you can bring your own enamels and/or pay a studio fee to use mine. Lets just explore. (Studio fee applies)


34 Triptych Lariat ADV

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Jan 10 am


A further exploration of our geometric triangles class. An exciting blend of triangles using DBs and DBLs , including an open variation in two sizes. Silken Japanese cord completes this delicious combination. (3 Workshops TBD)


35 Dimensional Stars Revised INT

Laura Dowling   Sat, Jan 13 am


These Dimensional Stars are created using a combination of peyote and herringbone stitches and work up fairly quickly as they are open and hollow. They make a unique necklace when strung on a cord with separator beads or they can be hung as ornaments. They look great made up in multicolours and are fun to make. This revised pattern works up faster than the original as there is no Guide Ring needed.


36 Geometric Copper Pendant BEG

Nancy Freckleton   Sun, Nov 12 am



Create a stunning copper pendant your way. In this class you will learn techniques in soldering, disc cutting, fold forming and texturizing to create a custom pendant. Patina your pendant with liver of sulphur or stay for the next class and add colour to you creation with enamel.


37 Step into Flame BEG

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Nov 12 pm



Step into torch fire enameling. Get over your fear of the torch and play with colour and fire. This technique is perfect for small charms for bracelets, pendants or earrings. We will work on a sampling of techniques and put it together to make a charm bracelet.


38 Hand Woven Textural Cuff INT

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Wed, Jan 17 am



Create this fabulous textured cuff by combining bead weaving and fibre weaving. I love the idea of mixed media and when I read about weaving sticks I had to try them. I made them finer and out of copper, so if you take the play day you can make your own. If not I will have a set ready for you to purchase. Must know Ndebele.


39 Transform your Metal ALL

Debi Keir-Nicholson   Sun, Jan 21 ALL DAY



Play Date

Let's play with metal, we have added several metal techniques to our repitoir. Now lets explore methods of transforming the metal. We can play with the rolling mill and all kinds of textures. Get out my multitude of hammers and use them on different surfaces. Play with fire to add colour, experiment with heat, angle of the flame quenching and not quenching . We can use flux with heat and if we have time some of the patinas. I am sure by the end of the day we will have a whole lot of pieces of metal to work with. (Studio fee applies)

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