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All course fees are $30.00 per 2-hour session, unless otherwise noted*. To keep our course fees as low as possible while continuing to bring you the best of classic, contemporary and creative workshop experiences, supplies are not included in the class fee and MUST be purchased at Beads of Colour. Materials previously purchased at Beads of Colour may be used or feel free to arrive 1/2 hour ahead of your class start time and enjoy the guidance of your instructor in making your selection. Kits may be available for purchase for some classes.


Louise Duthie Bead Fund raiser Friday Nov 27, 2015 November

Facebook The Louise Duthie Memorial Bead Sale - please visit and join up.



Upper Canada Bead Guild (AKA - Beading Disorder)
2nd Thursday of Every Month, 7-9PM (September through June)

Join our beading bliss! 7-9 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each monthX, Beads of Colour is closed to the public and OPENED to the UPPER CANADA BEAD GUILD. Looking for a few good beading buddies? Want to spend an evening exploring and sharing your art, giving and receiving encouragement and support? Well then, LUG-A-MUG and come join in the fun of a guild devoted to the preservation, exploration and sharing of beading arts of all descriptions!

Saturday OCT 3, 2015

We're opening 10:00 AM - to welcome our eager beaders! Enjoy world-class instruction in a warm and inspiring environment at every workshop!

 Event Memories

DEBI'S FIRST TRAVEL BLOG - Debi's online notes let you follow her travels as she uncovers the hidden delights of India - and arranges to send them home! Beading, baking in the sun or on the beach, Debi shares her impressions of her 2007 Treasure Hunt to India! Click the mandala design to enjoy her perspective!
Debi has prepared an exciting review and slideshow on the mesmerizing Beads of Life exhibit, recently at the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Exhibition at the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada